Font Questions in Foundry

I’m using web fonts. How do I adjust the font size for the quote source? Can I add a THIRD font for this in Foundry? In Google Fonts? Thanks

If you’re talking about the quote source in the Block Quote stack, then I don’t think there is a separate setting for the size of the quote source.

You also can’t specify the font for the Source separate from the Quoted Person, which is what I think you are asking about doing.

You can submit these as feature requests.

OK on no adjustment for quoted person; seems like an oversight. The default (for me) leaves the person font larger than the quote font! Maybe I can just paste in what I want? I’ll give it a try. Thanks!

The defaults are 20px for the actual quote and 16px for both the person’s name and the quote source. We’d probably need to see your Blockquote settings, or better yet, post a link to a very simple one page project with the a simple page showing the issue.


Thanks, I’ll double check my Block Quote Settings.