Form pro error message

what does this php error mean on this page containing the form pro stack:

As far as I can see the form does work - but the line of code isn´t really sexy…

anyone who knows a bit of php arround…?

Thanks for your input in advance!

Hi there @papart

I’m not seeing that in my tests here on my server, either before of after sending an email with the form: Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 3.09.47 PM.png • Droplr

Can you give me a few details?

(1) What version of Potion Pack are you using?

(2) If your host Unix or Windows based?

(3) Is this a newly created form, or one that was added to the page previously that was working fine before, but it now showing this message?

(4) Have you attempted to remove the form and create it new from scratch and then do a Republish All Files from RapidWeaver?

Hi Adam! Thanks for having a look.
I´m not sure if / how you can test „my" form on your server…?

In case I was not clear enough:
I am talking about this line of text which is showing right underneath the word „KONTAKT" in the orange part of the page…
"Notice: Undefined index: human in /www/htdocs/w0179884/ on line 270"

Regarding your questions:

  1. potion pack version 1.2.7
  2. I thinks it´s unix based
  3. new website, new form
  4. I exchanged a “legacy” version of the stack today which showed exactly the same line of text. I can not see that anything changed after using the latest stack version

does that help?

I haven’t tried your form, but I see the issue as well on my side:

ahhh! I wrapped the form within a blueprint one stack by BWD (mainly in order to apply a nice radial gradient to the background easily)
I exchanged this stack with your margins stack and the line of text disappeared – at least in preview mode.
I can use a backdrop stack to apply a linear gradient instead…

I can see the error as well. I would be surprised if BluePrint caused it as I use it a great deal with Foundry and never had an issue with it. Clearly something has upset the form to get that message but it isn’t causing an error message.

Are you using BluePrint to do an “overlap” I wonder?

Looks like you have put the whole page inside a BluePrint stack including the Control stack. I suspect that is the issue.

The overlap is managed by an overlap stack by elixir.
the entire form is tied to a partial which is also used on the homepage (starting page) which shows the line of text as well… it really seems that the error (I know that it is not really an error, more like a warning) is connected to the blueprint one stack…?!

I experimented a little bit after deleting the blueprint one stack as described above - I have ound a backdrop preset for the gradient which fits my liking (but I wonder why the presets contain a lot of different gradient variants, while the custom setting only allows linear gradients?)

Sorry I wasn’t clear – I was not testing your form on my server, just the Form Pro stack in general, and I was not seeing the problem locally in doing so. I did see the problem on your own page, which is why the questions.

I am glad to hear you solved your problem though. If you run into more problems, then send me a ZIP file containing your project file.

Because more complex gradients like that would take a great deal more controls and settings that seem a bit unnecessary.

not the whole page - no! Currently its like:
inside that: overlap
inside that: blueprint one
inside that: contact form

If I go for:
inside that: overlap
inside that: backdrop
inside that: margins (edit: I missed to mention that before)
inside that: contact form

it seems to be fine… I would have uploaded this already but than I would sabotage investigating the current state…

If you want to use a BG colour then you should use the Control settings OR add a few lines of code to set the BG to a gradient if you know how to do that. A few more BG settings in the Control sure would be useful.

The BluePrint BG gradient system is just about perfect.

Unless you add a box to just paste in your code from one of the many Gradient generator websites.

the gradient settings in the blueprint one stack are superb, yes!
but since it seems to mess up things when using this stack and since the gradient is not a very crucial detail in this case, It´s ok for me to use other stacks instead… I am just uploading the modified pages to see if the error/warning will vanish…

shit - nothing changed. despite the gradient :rofl: …still got this fu****g line of text on that page! :nauseated_face:

Send me your project file as I mentioned above and when I get a chance I will take a look at it.

Hi Adam,
thanks! I just sent you a download link via PM.
the form is used on 2 pages: home and kontakt.
I used foundry and total CMS to build this website.

meanwhile I tried various settings (php versions) on the server - but could´t notice any difference regarding the problem with the form.

I will have a look and see what I can discover in regards to what is producing the error message for you, but not for myself. I can’t promise it will be today as the end of the work day is upon us.

I published a test and had the same error message which can be seen on your page, which I don’t have when I start my own project file with Form Pro, so this lead me to believe it is something on your page outside of the Form Pro stack causing the problem.

So I took your form you made and created a new page with just your form and the Control Center stack and it seems to perfectly work fine. This further lead me to believe that it is something else on your page causing the problem.

So I decided to remove one thing at a time and republish, testing as I went along, a troubleshooting measure that I often advise people to do to track down the cause of a problem. I removed the CMS Core stack and the problem went away. So it seems like something that CMS Core is doing it making the error message appear. I don’t suspect it is causing a problem sending the form (at least so far in my testing).

I can take a deeper look at it tomorrow and see if I can keep CMS Core from making this error display. For now though it is time for dinner.

hm, interesting… unfortunately CMS core is, well, essential and there are almost no settings to play arround with in order to get rid of the error.
I am more than curious if you can find out more about how form pro and cms core don´t play well together. cheers!