Foundry 3 Navigation Bar

How can I align the items to the left? I do not want to use branding on the navigation and without branding it does not look nice.

Try to brand BUT leave blank the Site Title.

That does not work. I tried branding logo on and no pic and title on and text blank.

I asked the same question yesterday. The answer is that it is not an option currently, although it should and I suspect at some point it will be!

Hey there @tofi

I mentioned this in another thread, but it is kind of buried as it was a pretty long thread:

I’m seeing a few requests for something similar now so I’ve added it to my todo list as something to look at for an update. I’m not sure yet how it might manifest but it is on my radar.


This will be in the next update.


That would be great. By the way, I rebuild my website with Foundry3. With Foundry2 I had a Lighthouse score of 84 Performance. With Foundy3 I get 97. Layout, Text and Images are about the same on the new page. The score are for Mobile!