Foundry and JW Page Safe Stack?

Hi all,

I am looking at getting into either Foundry or Foundation and before I make a decision on which platform I go with I’d like to check out a few things.

It seems that most stacks or at least a lot of 3rd party stacks work with Foundry, one that I use quite a bit is Joe Workman’s Page Safe stack.

Has anyone experience using Page Safe stack with Foundry please?
Or is there another stack that does the same job and works with Foundry?

Any feed back and advise is appreciated.


I don’t have the stack in question, but I see zero reason it should not work just fine. :+1:

I use Page Safe with Foundry and have had zero issues.


Here is an example I just set up, works great

I have also used PageSafe many times with Foundry without any issues.

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