Foundry Promotion?

I would like to promote the fact that my site was built with Foundry and RW, it would be nice if there was a snippet, or stack or something else, that could be used to provide a consistent way of doing this. I see Adam uses something like this on the Foundry site, but it would be nice if this was available to all Foundry users.

Sure I could create my own, just thought it would be nice if there was a way of doing this that would be consistent across all sites made with Foundry that chose to promote the fact that the site was built with Foundry!

It certainly is worth promoting and I’m more than happy to contribute to the promotion!

Interesting idea. Mine was just done with a Paragraph stack using the Lead Paragraph setting.

If this is something people are interested in I could build something super simple. What would people like to see a small stack like this do?

I realize it could easily be done with a paragraph stack, but my goal was to have something that was consistent across sites using Foundry. So I figured the best way to achieve this is if it was something provided by Foundry. A simple stack would be great from my point of view!

It would be nice if the colors and size could be controlled, as well as alignment!

Same for add-on developers, a banner like “works with Foundry” would be nice.

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Yes, that would be nice.

We would need a small Icon, square or round which looks fine in bw and color. And a text which should be the same everywhere: Made with Foundry. which acts as as link to your foundry minisite.

What is the verdict on doing something like this for Foundry?

Should I just roll my own?

I can work something up for a future release, but it will not be in the next release. All of the new stacks and additional features are locked in for the next release and already in beta testing.

What about a simple image banner?

@instacks: Were you asking me about an image, or @handshaper whether they could just use an image?

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It could incorporate an image, but it was more a matter of having something that was consistently worded when utilized. Text or image would be fine with me!

Image. Yes - the Foundry theme Icon, e.g?

OK. So to clear things up. I was going to build a stack for this since it seems like people want it. My intention was include text, an option for a branded image and have it link to the Foundry site.

This will not make it into the next update as the new stacks for that update have been closed out for now. :+1:

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I have no problem if it does not make it into the next release, but could we possibly get a BETA version of it whenever it is ready, or close to ready?

@handshaper: I don’t usually do anything as a public beta, sorry. If this is something you need right away I’d just suggest building something out using a paragraph stack until I code something. It won’t take me long to code, but I do have a number of higher importance items on the list that I need to work on, which honestly I think you’ll probably want more when they’re released anyway. :wink:

Very likely true, based on what you have been mentioning!

Which brings up a question, when you add additional stacks to Foundry how are those going to be made available to us?

Will they be add-on packs or some other mechanism.

The next batch of new stacks, along with improvements and bug fixes, will be included in the main set of stacks as v1.1.0.0. They’ll come via the Stacks updater.

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Resurrecting this thread. So, now that v1.1.0.0 has shipped I’m working on minor tweaks and small bug fixes, as well as working on a possible new RW theme. While doing so though I thought I’d work on this stack before I dive back into bigger stacks for Foundry.

Is this sort of what people are looking for?

If there’s options you’d like to see, please let me know.


Adam, this is exactly what I had in mind.

Yes, it is indeed! Thanks

Had a go at creating an embeddable icon font today. The logo you see here comes from a custom font so you’ll be able to use your own colors for the gradient so you can match it to your site better. I’ll add this stack to the beta group next time I send out an update to them.