Foundry Update Coming?

All this talk about new versions of Rapidweaver, Stacks version 5, Rapidweaver Classic and so on…lol. I was curious if anyone has heard if maybe Adam is banging away at his keyboard getting ready to roll out an update for Foundry??

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I’ve got several updates for Foundry in the works. If there’s a feature you might like to see in a future version, please let me know. Don’t leave those suggestions here though. I’ve provided details in the post below on where and how to submit them:


I am more concerned about future compatibility with Rapidweaver as it morphs into its split personality. I don’t know how I should direct my future purchases (Stacks/Rapidweaver/Foundry standalone?). Everything was so simple i.e. Rapidweaver + Foundry and now the future appears less straightforward.

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I discussed this when RW first announced RW 9, which of course has morphed into RW Classic and RW Elements now.

My goal is still to support both platforms with Foundry. The updates I’m making are with that in mind. That said, until I have betas of each I can reassure you of anything, as we know roughly the same amount about them, how they’ll work, etc.

That said I’m expecting that Stacks will continue to work as it already does and be able to load and Foundry out of the box. With RW Elements I have to wait and see if it will load Stacks add-ons, or have some way to convert them to be used within RW Elements. Only time will tell though on both fronts. That said Foundry still works perfectly fine in RW Classic with the Stacks plugin, which is getting an update soon we’ve been told.

If you’d like to continue this discussion though about the future of RapidWeaver, Stacks, etc hop on over to this post and continue it there. I’m happy to answer questions – and hopefully I will know the answers. And again if you have feature requests, be sure to head here for instructions on filing them for consideration.


Adam thank you for the update and thank you for bringing some clarity to the situation. I enjoy using Foundry and find it a straightforward and efficient way to produce a website. I will be following Foundry and place my trust in you to produce the best solution.


HI Adam, can you confirm if Foundry will work in the new Stacks App?

Nobody can, as there isn’t even a Beta version available yet!

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Of the two apps I would expect Stacks to continue to be able to run Stacks addons. It is almost guaranteed I would assume. Like @jacksona said though no one can know for sure until a beta is in-hand. Same goes for RapidWeaver Elements. No one has a beta of either app for testing or anything else at this point.

As I said previously, above, if you wish to discuss this further please do so in this thread devoted to the topic as that is not what this forum thread is about. :grin::+1:


great, thanks Adam :+1: