Foundry v2 Upgrade and Release Date Information

I think 60 days is a good grace period. After all you put a lot of hard work into Foundry v1 & v2, which should be honored. I’ll certainly upgrade to v2 and am looking forward to the upgrade.

Thanks for you work, Adam!


Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better! I am so much looking forward to this upgrade. I don’t consider making a website today with anything else. Adam, you are a such an inclusive and considerate designer and a superb communicator. I fully appreciate your excellent work. Thank you.


:raised_hands: Woop woop!

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Great news. I’m waiting for it like crazy


Nicely put. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
your answer reg. grace period


With the announcement of the release date and such out of the way, let’s keep looking at some of the new stuff coming in Foundry v2.

Previously on…

In a previous thread we looked at several new additions that will be a part of Foundry v2. I’ll touch on those here really quickly, and then we’ll look at something new!


We first looked at the Partitions stack that is a new addition to the lineup of Foundry stacks. Partitions allows us to create unique, useful layouts for our pages.


The next thing we got a sneak peek of was the free Mason templates that will be released at the same time as Foundry v2. These pre-built sections of content will allow for some really fun opportunities for our site design:

Dark Mode

Then we looked at a major addition to Foundry v2 in the form of Dark Mode. This feature is integrated into the Foundry Control Center stack as well as throughout the many other Foundry stacks. Some stacks even have Dark Mode options that act independently of the Control Center.


In addition to Dark Mode we looked at a new Dark Mode based stack, that will be joining the Foundry stacks, called Eclipse. It allows us to hide / show content based on whether or not your visitor is using a Dark Mode enabled browser or device:

Something new!

So with our retrospective out of the way, let’s look at another new addition to the lineup of stack in Foundry v2.

Navigation Bar Pro

Lets take a look at the new Navigation Bar Pro stack. Navigation Bar Pro helps us to create a highly customizable, manually curated navigation bar for our site. We can mix and match navigation elements and design around each individual breakpoint:

I think this new Navigation Bar Pro stack will allow users to create some really unique layouts for their sites.


For nav bar pro do you have to click on the icon to make the menu disappear? Additionally, does it support child pages?

Yes, to close, or dismiss the drop down you click the toggle icon again as shown in the videos.

The dropdown itself supports expanding sections of content, as seen in the screenshot from the new Foundry site I’m working on, below.

The Navigation Items are top-tier items only by design and do not have drop downs or child items themselves.

Screen Shot 2020-02-26 at 1.32.52 PM

Here’s what a larger view of my navigation will look like:

Is there anyway to add the option to click from anywhere on the page to make it disappear? I get quite a few complaints about this with the other nav stacks in Foundry.


Considering the stack hasn’t even been released yet I’d like to wait on taking in feature requests.

Once I get Foundry v2 launched I can then look at feature requests for the future. I can’t make any promises right now though as I’m in the final stretch of trying to get Foundry v2 released.


Yes, this is the only criticism I hav with Foundry. I have had lengthy discussions with my clients and I do hope that this feature will make it to one of the top places in the change request list :slight_smile: Apart from that, Foundry is just the perfect development framework for me…

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I couldn’t agree more. Foundry will continue to be my go to framework. I have purchased and played with all of the other frameworks for RW, and while each one has their own strengths and weaknesses, I find that Foundry is really a well polished option, it just needs a little tweaking here are there to make it perfect.


We looked at a new navigation option yesterday with Navigation Bar Pro. Today we’ll take things a different direction and look at some interesting background and text effects with two new stacks – the Mask and Text Mask stacks.


Mask allows us to create interesting and fun backgrounds using mask layers. Sort of like we might do when painting using masking tape. Unlike with painting though we can also layer these masks one on top of the other to create stunning, stylish backgrounds:

Text Mask

This stack allows us to take an image and mask it in the shape of our text. This makes for some really interesting effects, especially for larger display type like a site title in a Banner stack, or a section header within your content:


Another sublime integration in Foundry v2 … both Mask and Text Mask will be very useful :smiley: :+1:

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I bought Foundry, Alloy, plus both add-on packs on Nov 8, 2019. Foundry is so awesome I have NO problem paying an upgrade fee. Dude has to make a living, and his products make it SO EASY for me to make websites, that the time I save, I make back in $ on the first site. It goes without saying that any software developer with a good product is going to continue to develop his/her product so I fully expect there should be updates, paid or otherwise. I don’t care about what Joe Workman or someone else is offering…I have my reasons for buying Foundry and it didn’t

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Thanks @jeffro66 – There will indeed be plenty of free updates for Foundry v2, just as there have been for Foundry v1. Foundry v1 has been around for almost 4 years now and in that time I’ve put out a slew of updates. This isn’t going to change. I’ve also got plans for some updates for Potion, Thunder and Alloy, too.

Speaking of updates – as a fun aside that doesn’t have any affect on the product itself – all Foundry updates will come with a little metal-inspired code name. Foundry v2.0.0 will be: "Adamantium"


I want to see what Pop Up Gallery does!! :wink:

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Sounds like a good teaser tutorial video for the end of the week on a Friday, doesn’t it?!


yes it does!! I’ll tune in tomorrow!! haha… Adam Ant …ium

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Good luck with it Adam - You’ve got a dedicated band of followers waiting with anticipation!