Go Back Link Going Back to home page, not to blog

Someone had posted this same issue, but had taken the link out and used a button instead. I would like to figure out why the go back link goes back to my home page instead of the main blog page.

I don’t see any settings to tell that link where to go to. Any ideas?

I just created a subdomain to try a different blog setup. The project has a simple home page with a button to go to the blog page. When I open a post, and use the “go back link”, it takes me back to that home page, just like the one I was trying to create for my regular site.

This very simple project was published to https://blog.familyhistory.education

Can’t figure out what is going on with that.

Yes, the go back link sends you to “https://familyhistory.education/index.html” instead of “https://blog.familyhistory.education/blog.php”? In the page head meta tag of the blog page the url seems to be: “https://familyhistory.education/blog.php”, without “blog” in the beginning. I’m by no means an expert, but I would guess that this causes the confusion.

You might also consider the solution in this thread: Question around "Go Back" behaviour

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Hi there @IdahoSAM – You have not placed your blog in its own folder. Instead you simply named the blog page’s file blog.php

You should be placing your blog in its own folder, for instance one called “blog” and naming the file index.php. This is the route of your problem. The go back button can’t go back any further, and the default page to load in any folder is index.html, or index.php.

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Thank you … thank you … thank you!! That worked!