How can i add and use my own icon fonts in Foundry?

I’m considering to buy Foundry my i’m afraid the options it offers for the stacks are too limited/restricted.
What’s the point in offering a system with several stacks that lets you build the site as you want only to then limit the options each stack offers? It may be useful for new users who are starting with framework’s based stacks but it limits the scope/interest of the system for advanced users. All the sites will end looking the same visually despite the different ways you can structure the page with the stacks if the customisation options for each one is limited.

How can i add and use my own icon fonts created in Icomoon in Foundry?

Hey there @webcore!

Being that Foundry has just been released and is still a newborn at v1.0.0, it will have plenty of room to grow. The individual pieces of Foundry are very customizable and allow for very diverse site designs. I think you’ll see lots of experimentation with the Foundry stacks as people start using them more and more. We’re already seeing some great looking sites and Foundry was just released a couple of days ago.

As for using your own fonts, whether they be icon fonts or text, you can include them in your project like you’d normally would in any RapidWeaver project, through the Custom Code fields in the Site Setup and Page Inspector. There’s not a way to replace the FontAwesome icons that Foundry uses for its own font icons, but you can still make use of your own for other elements in your page designs, for sure! Foundry doesn’t prevent this in any way!

If you have a particular icon font in mind, if you link to it, I will post up a small project file showing you how to do that tomorrow when I’m back in the office.

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