I put jpg images into Shutter and they are getting renamed as PNGs on the server. I don't understand why it is doing that

None of the previews are loading but some of the full size images load when I click on them. For an example if you click on the first text in the middle column called: “Family riding in dinghy” that image loads but has no preview image just text describing what the image is.

The software requirements are met; RW 8, Stacks 4, PHP 7.4 and only jpgs locally until the files are uploaded and the name / format changes. The only thing I can think of is I had a tiff file that I was trying to convert to jpg and I couldn’t tell if it was converted. It said it was jpg but there something weird about that image, when I tried to reduce the file size it was almost like it kept wanting to revert back to tiff. I decided to throw that image out completely to see if that would fix the problem and then removed any trace of it I could find on the server.

I even checked file format of the image in on of my mega menu drop downs and that appear to be jpg too. So I am out of ideas at this point.

I’d encourage you to look at this recently posted thread that is similar to yours:

I’d also encourage you to verify that the images you’ve got are actually JPG images. Open them in something like Photoshop or a similar image editing app and make sure you specifically save them out as JPG images. Do a few to test it out so you don’t have to do them all at once. Also make sure you have “Generate Thumbnails” turned on for the first publish of the page, at least. If you’re not sure about the process please watch both of the tutorial videos on the support page.

If you’re still having problems then please provide a ZIP file containing your project file and your image files that you’re having problems with.

Create a ZIP file containing your project file and images. The project file is the file you open in RapidWeaver to edit your site. After creating the ZIP file, upload it using a service like Dropbox, WeTransfer, Droplr, or a similar service to create download link for us. Paste that download link in your reply.

The page is starting loading better for reasons I don’t entirely know. The red error messages went away and now if I click on any image title it will open in full screen view. It used to only open a few photos in the full screen mode. None of the thumbnail image are displayed. I unchecked “generate thumbnails” since I thought that is what we were supposed to do after uploading them the first time. I made a simple gallery like you asked but I got the red error messages back yet image descriptions and full screen mode are working fine for both photos I added to the gallery.

Just about all the images would have been exported from edits I made in Affinity or Capture One which would be jpg as there wouldn’t be a reason to save them in any other format. You can see from my screen shot on the left side above every file has a .jpg or .jpeg extension after it and as I opened each one Affinity showing me those extensions as well.

If you follow along with the videos you’ll know you have to load the page while "Generate Thumbnails is enabled. The Thumbnail Generation happens on your server, not in RW. Please go back and rewatch the videos.

An extension does not make an image a specific format. I can save a PNG file with a JPG extension. I can save an EPS file as a 3MF file. The extension is not a guarantee of anything at all.

^^^ Read above ^^^

When you post your download link to your ZIP file make sure you include the original images you saved from Affinity and Capture One.

Alright well I went back to the native Affinity Photo file to export as a JPEG to make sure it is exporting the right file format. I put that image in and the thumbnails are still are not loading. “Generate thumbnail” is checked this time too. I could send you a native image file so you could export yourself but I’m not sure how to make the process much more simple then it is now. I know it was exported as jpg, not just changing the extension this time, and there is only one image on the page, in the shutter stack.

Send the native files themselves? Or do you mean re-export the images from Affinity / Capture One? I would think you are asking for the later but the way its worded I could take that either way.

Post a download link to the project file and the images you’re placing into Shutter specifically. I do not need or want your originals, just the images you’re directly placing into Shutter.

With the holidays here I cannot promise when I will be able to get to looking at this since it has taken so long to get ahold of your project and images. But once you get them all together you can post the download link here so myself or others on the forum can help you, or you can email them to me directly. If you choose the latter option it may be several days until I can look at it (probably early next week sometime).


I wanted to just make sure everything in Shutter seemed to be working as it should, so I tested it out here. I created a brand new project and started from scratch. Here’s a short video showing it:

RapidWeaver & Local Preview: ShutterExample.mp4 - Droplr

Live URL: Untitled Page | My Website

Project File: kip.rw8.zip - Droplr

I’d encourage you to publish this test project file to your own server somewhere as a test.

As you can see, the stack is working as it should, so without having yet seen your project file I can only assume that something is incorrect with one or more of the following:

  • your project file’s setup
  • your images
  • your server
  • your php install

Once you’ve shared your project and images we can help further. Like I said though, I’d encourage you to publish the test project I sent as it is tested, and working as it should.

Yeah, I am also messaging with clients about other projects that is why it is taking longer then usual. It looks like your sample webpage loaded on my website: A test to see if shutter now works

Now I have one of my own photos working with Shutter thumbnails now. So that is a good sign. A test of the shutter stack

Your video shows dragging from the Finder into the sidebar so I tried it that way this time. With the other 15 pages I have on my site I drag into the resources area first which apparently I can’t do with Shutter? (Even my page that has a standard Foundry gallery was made dragging into resources first) I didn’t see dragging into the resources area as something you weren’t supposed to in the list of requirements so I built the page the same way I always had.

You don’t need to add images to your Resources to use them on a page. Follow the way the video shows you and drag them directly into the stack. Using the Resources in this way is unnecessary and will often cause problems.

I don’t list everything you’re not supposed to do or shouldn’t do in the documentation. It would be a very long list. Instead I provide tutorials showing how to use the products. Try using the stack in the way the video shows and I suspect you’ll be good to go.

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But if putting images into resources shuts the whole page down that would be an important bullet point to put on the requirement list. Otherwise I will spend my time looking at things like file format. One reason it was hard for me to answer a question like “is everything a jpg?” is that I exported many of these files 2, 3 maybe even 4 years ago. Mostly they were going to Instagram or Facebook at the time in which case I would save in that format but I couldn’t answer the question with 100% certainty. Knowing what not to do helps in trouble shooting. Especially if it is more finicky such as compared with the basic gallery stack.

It is very helpful though. Sometimes I might make five different versions of a page to see which one comes out best. These variations use the same images so it is easy to grab them in a small number of resource folders instead of my mess of open Finder windows.

It looks like it everything is working. There are now six image on the page with the thumbnails showing up. Great, thanks for the help and happy holidays!

Using the Resources section is not for the purpose you’re using it for. At least that isn’t how RW was designed to work. Adding images in RW whether in Shutter, Gallery or anything else isn’t designed to be used from the Resources section.

I’m not sure what in my videos or documentation would have lead you to that path as I don’t ever show or state that it works that way. I am glad you’re working now though. :+1:

To note: had I gotten your project file and images with your first post I’d have been able to sort this one out for you from day one and saved us both a bunch of time and back-and-forth.

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