I was trying to figure out why the padding settings for the iPad are not taking

I was doing an experiment on this page where I left some spacing around the text on the desktop view so that it would show the image that is behind it. It seems like the desktop padding sections keep getting being applied to the iPad preview view and I can’t figure out why. Only one page on my site is doing this. When there were issues like this on the other pages I could find the problem but this one remains a mystery for me.

I included the file below hopefully people are able to access it.

Are people able to access the file this way?

Hi, downloaded fine, unfortunately i couldn’t open, are you using rw classic? Im still on rw8.

To create the space around the paragraph:

Are you entering padding info within the text stack?
Are you using the margin stack?
If yes, do you have all the breakpoints selected?
If yes, see what the values are

You mentioned that other pages displayed the padding correctly. Did you copy that section and paste it on the page where you are having trouble to see if it worked ?

Yes, I am using the latest version of Rapidweaver and the margin stack to enter padding info. Breakpoints are selected. The values are shown here in the sidebar. I circled the left padding in order to show how extreme the settings are; 10 pixels vs 330 pixels. I would think that the difference between of setting the tablet at 10 would change that very narrow stack into a normal looking stack but it looks exactly the same as the one set at 300.

What I meant by other pages were not giving me the problem was that they don’t have the problem nor do they have the extreme spacing generally.

When I set the phone settings the at 25 you can see that the spacing works so there is something specifically happening with the tablet.

Hi, did you have any luck with getting the padding to work as you wanted? I haven’t been able to replicate your issue.

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Yes I have started to make progress. The weird spacing the simulator shows when in iPad landscape mode gets a lot better when I do not have multiple margin stacks nested within one another. I’ll keep working on it to make sure it keeps getting better. I am getting closer to a layout which works across all devices. Thanks for checking in again!

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