Images have gone missing from my project file


I have four Shutter galleries on 4 pages … all was well … SUDDENLY all images one one page have vanished! In my RW project… in edit no sighn of images. I was not even working on that page.
I have no idea what could have gone wrong and am worried the other 3 will vanish ! Here is thew published page. But I cant republish or will have blank page. Do I need to re build that page? How do I figure out why that went wrong?

I’m guessing that the page in question is not using Batch processing, correct? If that is correct then it is almost certainly related to the missing images problem that has been widely reported in the community, which is related to RapidWeaver and / or Stacks depending on who you speak to. I would suggest speaking with Realmac Software and / or YourHead Software about the problem.

That said, there has not been any rhyme or reason that I’ve seen presented in the community as to why it happens or how to prevent it. But perhaps one or both of the above parties can help get to the root of the cause if you can provide them your project file(s), or whatever else that they might need.

I know it is an obvious suggestion you’ve probably already thought about but I’ll mention it anyway – You can use Time Machine or other backups you have to roll back to a version that has the images.

Note: I split this off from the original thread since they two topics were unrelated.

Thanks Adam. What a nightmare !

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