Interested in Foundry, a few questions

Hi there, I’m really interested in Alloy and see it requires Foundry, however this got me exploring Foundry and after reading and viewing the documentation for Foundry (and Add Ons) I’m amazed how much is built in to Foundry and the whole framework seems to have been hiding in plain sight to me. Anyway, I’m really interested in the whole Foundry, Add Ons and Alloy package for future projects, I use Webyep for customers to edit pages, which is excellent and works really well, I like it, my customers like it but blogs are a weak point for this. I’m getting asked more and more by people for blogs on their sites but they have to use a web editor that isn’t complicated, hence Alloy. I’m just trying to figure out if I can justify the cost after all the other vast array stacks I’ve bought, I need to have a ponder on that, wish I’d looked in to it a week ago with the holiday sale. :grinning:

I’ve looked up in detail for the things I require and see everything is there in Foundry, the documentation is excellent, however I can’t find the answer to the following and wonder if you could shed some light please with the following:

  1. Is there an SVG Stack in Foundry where I can copy and past my SVG code directly in? Or would I need to use a 3rd party stack such as BWD Blueprint SVG?

  2. Is there an HTML stack in Foundry to add custom HTML specifically to add my Tumult Hype files, (I have to add the HTML snippets to embed it), or would I need to use a third party stack such as S4S?

  3. Is there an iFrame stack in Foundry or again would I need to use a third party stack such as Weaverspace Offsite?

I’m enjoying reading the documentation and viewing the videos, so if any or all of the above are inherent features of Foundry stacks I’m keen to know which ones they are and have a view of the docs and videos before deciding what to do next.

Any info is much appreciated, many thanks,


Hey Ben – You are not limited to using just Foundry tools, of course. And Stacks itself ships with an HTML tool that you can easily use with Foundry as well. All of those things you mentioned could be added to a Stacks HTML tool.

That said there may be some additions I’ve created for a future version of Foundry that would cover you, too. :wink:


Doh! Of course :grinning:, there is the Stacks own HTML stack! I’m so used to using framework stacks only (and individual specialist stacks) that I ‘forget’ them :grinning:

Thanks for the reply - Ben


Any hints as to when the new version of Foundry will have it’s debut?? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Foundry’s newest version will premiere in the first quarter of this year. I’ll narrow it down for you all, with more information to come later this month.


Just adding a link to the start of Foundry 3 discussion, since I mentioned it in the post above:

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Hi @elixirgraphics - is there an RSS feed to this blog ? Thanks. Justin

Hey there @DinkyPixel – I actually have opted not to have an RSS feed.

OK. Thanks for letting me know …

Hop over to the forum post about Foundry 3 and you can Track the thread so you get notified when that thread gets updated from the drop down at the bottom of the page:

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