Let the sparks fly: Introducing Alloy for Foundry

Hey there everyone! I’m really excited to announce Alloy – a powerful, flat-file blogging system for Foundry.

Alloy allows you to create really beautiful, easy-to-use blogs using just plain text Markdown files. It makes publishing a blog super easy as there’s no database to manage!

GETTING STARTED. Be sure to checkout the Getting Started video to see how easy Alloy is to setup: Getting Started with Alloy for RapidWeaver - YouTube

LIGHTNING FAST. Since Alloy uses a flat-file format instead of a database, your blog loads exceptionally quickly and scales well as your blog grows.

SIMPLE. Alloy uses Markdown for its blog posts, meaning your entries are plain text and can be easily created, updated and backed up.

CUSTOMIZABLE. Alloy provides a wide variety of settings and controls for customizing the look and feel of your blog to help you in making it fit in with the rest of your site.

IF THIS, THEN THAT. Display specific content on your page based on whether your visitor is seeing the summaries, full posts or categories view.

EXTRA. In addition to the blogging tools of Alloy we’ve also included a Markdown import stack that allows you to insert Markdown files into your Stacks pages right from your server.

You can learn more about Alloy on its product site as well as watch the video tutorials to see just how easy Alloy is to use and how powerful it can be.


It’s the missing piece to Foundry! The posts are super fast loading and it is easy to implement! A gotta have it Stack.

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Nice stuff, Adam! :slight_smile: Only one thing: where is the “Editor” stack which can be seen in your Stacks library on the first page of the Alloy site? Will it be available at a later date and what exactly will it do? Hopefully one can create new and edit existing blog posts, since I cannot tell my clients to upload single md-files via an ftp-client to their server.

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Good eye. That was something experimental at the time I took that screenshot. Screenshot updated.

…since I cannot tell my clients to upload single md-files via an ftp-client to their server.

I’ve had testers mention using different FTP sync tools where you can drop things in a folder on your desktop and they’re synced with a folder on your FTP server.

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In the end this may not be a good tool for all clients. But it’s beautiful, works flawlessly, and is a general joy to use! A great product for the right users.

As for the less-savvy client, then there are tools that can help with the uploading process. I know Transmit allows you to create droplets (but I don’t know if you can share then with others). Yummy has a very nice product named Yummy FTP Watcher (sold both on App store and direct) which makes it super simple to upload new MD files. There are likely other good options to help with the process.

Adam @elixirgraphics, a bit off topic, but I love the design of the Alloy site, great job!! I’m working on a project that we are using some parallax in the banner image, but yours is off the hook. It appears as if it’s coming towards me when I scroll. Am I just imagining this because of the “dots” on the image or is it actually zooming in as well? I would love to know what you did (or what stack) you used to create this.


He used the Banner stack in foundry. There is now an option for Enable Parallax Effect. Then the parallax style is scale.


Exactly what @Steve_J said… paired with the sparks in the image the scale effect of the parallax in the Banner stack makes for a great effect.

Thanks for the kind words on the demo sites. When you get a copy of Alloy the project files are in the DMG file so you can load them up and check out the way I have it all set up if you want.


aweYEEEAH. Thank you. :smile:

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This is really exciting and it really does make things a lot easier.

One question: will this work on single page websites?

After purchasing Alloy that was the first place I tried it but I ran into a number of problems, most of which I’m sure are my own mistakes. But thought I might ask before I go to far down the road of trying to make it work.

Glad to hear that! :smiley:

Definitely. The two example sites I built that are linked from the Alloy site are simple one-page sites. You can open up the project files found in the Extras folder with your purchase to give them a look.

Thanks, Adam!

I’ll have to explain offline the problems I’m having, which mainly revolve around the READ MORE buttons.

That said it is a very sweet solution, I know it is going to work very well once I figure out what I’m doing wrong.

Yeah, let me know what you’re running into. I’ve not had any problems here myself with one-page sites. Been the main testbed for me.

HI! Great promising addon, thank You!
How I can see on this simple sites, all posts has American-style of the dates, like “September 19, 2018” or “09-19-2018”. Is it possible to use styles of dates from other countries, like “19-09-2018” or “05-Oct-18”?

Hi there @Astx – Yes, you can choose from several date formats within the Blog Entries stack:


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Likely to have more date formats in an update.

Thanks! Because what You show is only in American-style: month before date.

Just pushed out an update. Update to v1.0.1 and you’ll have more built-in options as well as an advanced option to use your own PHP date formatting.


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