Navigation bar modal links not connecting after I make it a partial

I just started a new project that is my first time using Foundry 3 and Partials. When I made the homepage I added navigation bar and added a couple modal links to it. The modals opened up a image file. These modal links work on the homepage but when I made it into a partial the links are no longer active.

My guess is that the image needs to be in the same pages folder for it to open? Is that a limitation of the partial that it can only move elements that are directly on the page but not other items in a folder like for an example an image? Do I need to add these images manually to each folder through an ftp program? It seems like the partial link is looking for an image that is not in that pages folder.

My first time dealing with both of these issues so still trying to learn the basics.

I need to get this new site mostly functional this week. Is this issue something that can be easily addressed? When I wrote the question I was thinking it might be something that could be answered in a couple sentences.

My other drop-down menu site didn’t have any modals in the navigation so I’m new to this technique.

Share your project file with the group. Otherwise you’re asking people to guess at your issue instead of troubleshooting the problem on-page.

I’ve included the homepage and one other page. That should be enough to show that it works on the homepage and not the other. The modal links are “ISO” and “ITAR” and they do not open on the page called “contact.”

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