New Shutter gallery is not publishing, but old ones work fine

But I can’t fix this unless I upgrade, right? So… onward and upward? Would there ever be a reason that I would need to put it back to 5.4? No, right? Sorry- I don’t understand PHP obviously. I truly appreciate your help sooooo much! :people_hugging:

OK- I made a new Santerineross III gallery which is still not working so I started from scratch and made a TEST page. It is showing the images (I only uploaded a few- I have more to add once I get this one last issue addressed), but unlike the “Fruit of the Secret God” and “Dream” gallery pages, there is no magnifying glass over the thumbnail on the gallery page, and it does not do the cool zoom animation when hovering over the thumbnail.

It also does not allow people to zoom into the images when they are clicking through each one. This works fine on the “Fruit of the Secret God” and “Dream” gallery pages, but not the TEST page. (Santerineross III has all the images loaded- but nothing shows up! Still! I am losing my mind, but if I can just get the TEST gallery to work, I can simply change the page name and be done with it.

How do I get the magnifying glass on the main gallery page and how to I add the ability to zoom into each image like on the other gallery pages? PLEASE… let it be an easy fix. :pray:

Here is the TEST page: I am so mad

On the Santerineross III gallery page did you have it generate the Thumbnails? If not be sure to check the documentation page for Shutter. There’s a tutorial on using it.

Did you turn those features on in the new gallery? It is hard to help without a project file in hand here. I’m just guessing at what you have or have not done. There’s documentation and tutorials though as I said above, here.

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Oh- I think it is working now- I had unchecked the thumbnails generation button when it was not working last time and forgot to click it, publish and then uncheck it and publish… I think it is ok now :sweat:

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