New Shutter gallery is not publishing, but old ones work fine

Varies from host to host. You’ll need to consult your host’s documentation.

Ok- I will check and get back to you ASAP.

Thank you!

Sorry- still getting you that!

Hi, I have the same issue. I found out that when I create a new page using .php there is no code in the document.

Hi @tofi – What appears to be the same issue many times might be something different from what someone else is experiencing. Might be best to start a new thread and give your details there, as well as provide a ZIP file with your project and image files so someone can assist you better.

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Sorry- I am on hold now. Between a death in the family and my own medical emergency, I am way behind on things. :woman_facepalming:

I am back on it and will let you know what version of PHP and will try to get a copy of the PHP error log file for you.

Thank you so much for your help, patience, support and understanding! :pray:

Ok so they are trying to figure out where I can find the PHP error log file, but they will get back to me.

Currently is running on PHP 5.4 I can change that to PHP 7.3 but I wanted to make sure that I am not going to blow up the entire site if I do that. I admittedly am not very knowledgable in PHP. Do you recommend changing it to the PHP 7.3?

Once they tell me how to find the error log file, I will let you know.

Thank you again for your help and patience!!!

Any advice on what this means???

Your host is telling you that you’re using an older version of PHP. PHP 8 is the latest version.

Ok they are currently installing PHP 8, so the highest I can go is PHP 7.4 Will that blow up the website or should I just do it? :flushed:

And I finally found the error log- I hope that this helps! :woman_shrugging: :crossed_fingers:

The imageresolution() function was introduced in PHP 7.2. You’ll need PHP 7.2 or newer.

Ok- I will upgrade to the highest they have which is 7.4 PHP Then do I just republish all files?

Right now the issue is only with adding new images to the gallery. All existing galleries work great, but if I try to add a new image to an existing gallery, it does not show up on the gallery page and you cannot see it unless you click > to go through each image.

When I attempted to make a new gallery, nothing shows up when I publish. I know this was a long time ago that we started working on this, so I just wanted to give you the Reader’s Digest version

You shouldn’t need to republish. When you initiate the update to PHP 7.4 it will take some time for it to be installed though, so do not expect immediate results. The time will vary depending on your host.

Will the site be down while that is happening?

Also- thank you for helping me with this. This is a website for a photographer, so having the gallery not working is a big problem and I am getting a lot of pressure to fix it.

No it should not be. But if you already have a problem on the site, then being down for a short period wouldn’t be that much of a problem right?

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Fair enough! Applying new PHP now!

Gah- I am scared! :flushed:

Just do it, right? :scream:

That’s between you and your host. I can’t offer you advice on managing your server or dealing with your host. You’ll need to contact them on this.