Option to customize placement of comments on Full Entry view

If possible, for a future update, can we have the opinion to have the comments feature below the next/previous section?

This is one of those things I had to debate when building Alloy v3. It really comes down to three options:

  • Comments above the Previous / Next Post controls.
  • Comments below the Previous / Next Post controls.
  • The option to allow the user to select either and bloat the code a bit.

I settled on putting the comments above because I figured if the user was enabling on commenting, then that was most likely the more important thing to them. I made this assumption based on the fact that most blogs have moved to disabling comments on blog posts (for a slew of reasons). This also kept down unnecessary bloat in an area I didn’t see a lot of need to introduce it. It is a difficult task sometimes to weigh that tradeoff. I’ll note this as a possible future addition, but I can’t make a promise whether it will or won’t make it in.

Also, I’m going to move this to a separate thread, just to keep things focused.

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