Photo Stack with multiple images showing & fading

This is probably daft, but I can’t find a way to add a photo stack that fades one image into another. On my Homepage I would like to have a rough sketch fade into the finished pen & ink drawing. If one clicked on it, both might open as a pop out, but this is not essential. Vegas does this, but as a background image (I already use Vegas in my Homepage Banner). Looking for how to show a slideshow where the photos automatically change in one place without any thumbnails. Not even sure I’m making sense! Thank you!

There’s a few things that might interest you –

Check out the Slider stack that comes with Foundry. You can set it to Fade instead of Slide.

Additionally you might like the Image Compare stack that comes in the Thunder Pack addon.

Addendum – These answers assume you’re using Foundry. If not, you might check out the Orbit stack or another slider of some sort from the RapidWeaver Community site.

Thank you, Adam! My website is built with Foundry, but I just update images now & am not as familiar with all the stacks as I was when building it 4-5 years ago. Was an embarrassing question because I knew there was a stack in the haystack of stacks! :slight_smile:

No problem. Nothing to be embarrassed by. :grin::grin:

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