Potion Pack v2 is here! And it's a FREE upgrade!

Before I get to the specifics of the new Potion Pack upgrade I want to talk about why this large upgrade is free to existing Potion Pack customers.

Please indulge me for a moment…

There is a lot going on in the world right now. Many people are transitioning businesses to have a greater online presence, whether that means creating sites for yourself and your company with RapidWeaver, or helping others do so by crafting beautiful sites for them. In addition, many people are also transitioning to web design as a source of income in these trying times.

I want to help where I can. That is one of the reasons that this large update to Potion Pack is a completely free upgrade for those who currently own Potion Pack. In addition, I’m also offering my Alloy blogging tool at a significant discount right now to help businesses and individuals quickly create blogs for easily keeping in contact with customers, etc.

I can only hope that these small gestures help you. If they do, in lieu of an upgrade fee for this Potion Pack upgrade, might I suggest, if you have the ability, making a donation to a charity like the Red Cross, Direct Relief, or many others to help with the Covid-19 pandemic. Or a donation to the NAACP, ACLU, The Bail Project, George Floyd Memorial Fund, etc. to help the Black Lives Matter movement.

If you feel you still want to do something for me, just take a moment to leave a like and review for my products like Alloy, Potion, Thunder and Foundry on the Community site. That truly helps and that generosity means a lot.

With that out of the way, let’s look at what is new in this big Potion Pack release…

Introducing Potion Pack v2

All of your favorite Potion Pack stacks are now more potent than ever with this FREE update!

I’m really excited to announce the latest update for our original suite of addon stacks for Foundry. This update comes with a lot of new features to help you take your designs to the next level.

I have included a lot of changes and improvements throughout Potion Pack. Below are just a few highlights of what is new in version 2. Our Release Notes page covers all of the improvements.


  • Includes new Circle Progress stack for creating circular progress bars
  • Adds Dark Mode and Remote Image support throughout Potion Pack stacks
  • Adds additional spam protection to Form Pro, along with a new Date Range form field, SMTP support and more
  • Alternate Dark Mode image for Backdrop
  • Supports using Foundry’s preset Brand Colors for Backdrop and Shift backgrounds
  • Adds customizable Icon Indicator for Zoom stack
  • Adds horizontal offset controls for Overlap stack to overlap content to the left or the right
  • Improved speed of Potion Pack stacks in Edit Mode
  • Several small bugs have been fixed
  • And so much more!

Be sure to check out the Release Notes page for Potion Pack for a full list of changes.


Since this update for Potion Pack is completely free, all you need to do to upgrade is to update the stack right inside of the Stacks plugin’s updater. The updates tab in your Stacks Library allows you to update your stacks directly from within the Stacks plugin.

After updating Potion Pack it is necessary to quit and then restart RapidWeaver to finish your installation.

I truly hope you enjoy the Potion Pack upgrade and find it useful in designing sites for yourself and others.


That’s really generous of you Adam, thanks so much for your hard work… You ROCK.


That’s just great Adam. Thanks a lot!!

Following your kind suggestion, I donated to Direct Relief already.

Thanks again.


This is great stuff. Many thanks!


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Adam, you are a Gentleman. This is a great update, and a very generous gesture.

Thank you.



Thanks @egomade, @PeterFuhren, @Rob and @jacksona! I really appreciate your kind words. I truly hope that people will follow @PeterFuhren’s lead and take the time to donate a couple of bucks, if they can, to charities helping with the Covid-19 pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement.


Awesome update! I see you added the option for a hover trigger to Mega Menu! Nice! Thanks!

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It is a gesture that we appreciate in all its value. Especially in the difficult times we are going through.

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I took a guess at what the upgrade fee might be and it went to the RSPCA. Besides they have taken a hit during the fires and now the virus.

Hi Adam&Team…
Thanks for this extensive and generous update – everything I could get to know about it reads excitingly, but unfortunately I cannot install it;-(
I’m sitting in Front of my MBPro15 – 2016 – OSX10.11.6
Restartet again RW Version 8.6 (20829 - btw- last stable for me) and latest STACKS, FOUNDRY2 / POTION 1.3.6… and pressed the update button again…
Any suggestion…?
And thanks again for this great work.

Hehehe, it is just me… no team. :wink:

You’re welcome. Hopefully it proves useful to you.

Thanks for describing what you’re doing, but without feedback of what is happening when you do those things it is very hard to troubleshoot. Do you get an error message, what do you see when you click the Update button, etc?

Screenshots of your problem would be helpful.

The updater is handled by the Stacks plugin itself, so if for some reason we can’t get it to behave for you, we’ll go the route of simply manually installing v2.0.

…no team - Chapeau Sir;-)

…so when I click the upDate Button - the process runs - as normal…
Others were updated since yesterday when you send the newsletter per mail.
I think, not necessary to send a screenshot from nothing;-)
If it’s possibe, pls send me a link
Thanks for your help.

I suspect there’s a language barrier here as I am not understanding the situation or what you’re attempting to describe.

Your say the process runs as normal, but you also say you’re having a problem, so I am not sure what to take from that. A video of the process, or a step-by-step list of what you’re doing, accompanied with screenshots, would help in troubleshooting the problem.

It would be more helpful to try and fix the problem if there is one so that I can make sure it isn’t
a problem for others as well.

Hi Adam,
here is a short film from the process that happens - link

Not so much to see, but it is like it is…

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@RogerB – See, this does actually help me, because from your original description I thought you were telling me the update allows you to download the update but was not getting applied after the download completed. This is just showing that the updater is not seeing an update for your installed version at all.

Head over to the Documentation page, and scroll down to the “I’ve Lost My Purchase” section of the page. Use the link there to look up your order and it will give you the download link for the latest version of Potion.

Wasn’t aware of the extent of this update. Saw it was Potion Pack and clicked “more”. :flushed:

Thanks for this.


Sir Adam;-) - so it was very easy - 2.0 is in the house;-)
Will implement it tomorrow, today was yesterday in Germany …

Have a good time.

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Merci beaucoup ! :blush: very important update.
Thanks a lot !


You are Amazing! did not have the chance to thank you earlier… appreciated!

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