Shout out for the Accordion stack

I’ve been using the Accordion stack on a project and just had to say…

That is the BEST accordion stack I have EVER seen. It’s absolutely beautiful and perfectly implemented. Zero slowdown and the aesthetic is PRO.

That stack is worth 20% of the cost of Foundry on it’s own.

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“Best accordian stack you ever seen” hmm OK, we are entering fan boy zone. While the foundry accordian stack is a good stack…but to say its the best ever, really? While your enthusiasm is understandable, Please dont make this forum into a foundation forum where we get “take your site to a NEW level” and this is a “game changer” type of hype.

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I don’t know what you mean by turning this forum into a ‘Foundation forum’? But don’t feel compelled to explain it to me. However if you think that I’m going to curtail my genuine exuberance with Foundry in order to please you, or anyone else - then I may turn out to be a bit of a disappointment.

I’d have to go back to the release of Freestack Responsive to recall being so impressed with a RW workflow and I think its a story well worth the telling.

My post was simply the honest result of the genuine joy of finding a stack which is cleanly designed and perfectly executed. Believe it or not I still have enough juice in my marrow to get excited about silly things like that.

I can assure you that I’m perfectly capable of telling the difference between the hype and the truth when it comes to RW kit. I’ve sat through/bought enough of it. Has it really come to the point where we must be careful just how enthusiastically we support and how positively we speak of our chosen toolsets?

I’m sorry if my post irritated you though - my motivation was simple dopey happiness at finding something very nice. Thats a powerful feeling. Perhaps you remember it?


Irritated? Your post made me laugh. The words are over the top and comical. If you think that the foundry accordion stack ( an accordion stack mind you) at its present form is the BEST EVER made, most PROfessional and worth 20℅ of the foundry price tag. I’m afraid you’ll just pass out when you find out there is a better accordion stack out there at less than the 20℅. If you wanna come here and go overboard with comments like that then knock yourself out, I’ll know who to take seriously on this forum going forward.

Hey there gents! Sorry I didn’t see this until now. Was out of the house this afternoon.

Let’s all remember the rules of the forum. The first on the list is:

Be courteous and respectful of all forum members

I too do not want the forum to be a hype machine or some kind of praise party, but people are welcome to express their opinions on Foundry either way. If someone is happy with the product, that’s cool. There’s not reason to curtail their excitement. And if someone is unhappy with it, they too have a right to say so. I’d just encourage everyone to be accepting of one another’s opinion, no matter what that opinion is. Have discussions, not arguments. Cool?