Shutter Stack - rotating thumbnail issue

Why has the Shutter stack decided to start turning thumbnails from portrait to landscape? The images are correctly orientated when clicked on to view the gallery but the thumbnail (I’m using a group single image) has been rotated by 90 degrees. What’s going on?

Web address is

Any help is much appreciated!

Please see this thread:

Hi Adam, Thank you for replying.

That’s not it, unfortunately. The photos display correctly when you view the full-size images, but the thumbnails have been rotated. I’ve checked the EXIF data on the original (non-thumbnail) photos just to be sure, and they are portrait orientation. For some reason, the Shutter stack has rotated the orientation on the thumbnail though.

Shutter has not been updated in quite some time. So nothing in Shutter has changed and it does not contain any code for rotation of thumbnails, or full-size images.

Ummm … well, something odd has happened. :man_shrugging:t2: I’ll delete the affected galleries (not all of them are impacted) and try again and see what happens.

Feel free to build a simple test version and send it and your images over as a test. ZIP them up and post a download link. Also let us know what browsers you’re seeing the problem in and what version OS you’re seeing it on.

Thanks Adam. The deleting and starting again didn’t work! In the end, I’ve manually rotated each thumbnail and that’s done the job. One thing they have in common is that they are screenshots on an Android phone rather than original images. They had .JPG extensions which I altered to .jpg.

I’ll ask the client to send through images and not screenshots from her phone (which is always better, in my opinion).

This indeed sounds like what I described in the other thread. Mobile devices store this orientation data in the image. You have to open the image in something like photoshop and then use Save for Web usually.

Maybe - but the image (which the thumbnail was using) - was in portrait orientation - and the EXIF data showed portrait too. Anyway, the workaround has worked. Thank you.

Like I said Shutter doesn’t have code for rotating images so it would have to be outside of Shutter.