Side Navigation icons overlapping text

My apologies if this should be a separate thread, but this appears to be a tiny, aesthetic bug.

In the ‘Side Navigation’ stack it looks like the FA icon and text are overlapping. This is within Preview mode of RW using the ‘’ file that comes with the purchase.

Hey there @Bioguy

Not seeing that here, myself (see below). Have you modified any settings in the stack or added any other stacks to the page that may have caused the bug to crop up? So far I’m not able to recreate that bug.

Well that sure is odd. To make sure I hadn’t modified the file in some way I went back to the Potion pack disk image and opened the from there directly. Still seeing the overlap.

RW appears to be up to date at 7.4.1 and I noticed there was a Stacks update this morning (now at 3.5.4) when I installed the Potion Pack.

Trying my darnedest, but I’m not able to replicate it here. If you make a new project file and drop the Foundry and Side Navigation stacks onto a new page do you get the same results?

I will confess I’m on the RapidWeaver 7.5 beta, for testing reasons right now. But I don’t think that should honestly have any impact on this situation.

Weird. Here’s a short clip of starting from scratch, showing the same results with the software/plugin versions I have.

Sidenav from fresh project

I am having zero luck replicating this bug here. I’ve even tried some odd things, too.

Can you use the Preview Page In... feature found in the File Menu in RapidWeaver for me? Open it in Safari or Chrome or something and let me know if it continues there. Just trying to figure out the origin of this one.

As brought up by my wonderful beta testers @vmcosta and @Steve_J – Is there a chance you don’t have the Foundry theme selected somehow? Perhaps you’ve got a different theme selected or have not installed the Foundry theme yet?

Yeah, I’m using the foundry theme, and previewing and/or exporting and opening with Safari, Firefox or Chrome all produce the same effect. :confused:

Hello @Bioguy

Can we get a Demo project file so that we can open our selfs and see if we can reproduce the same behaviou?


Here’s the rw file, and an exported folder from it.

I tried opening the export on a different Mac and still see the same effect. (31.2 KB)

! (837.3 KB)

Strange. Your file opened as it should and the Slide Nav behaved as it should.

Strange, your file works fine here:

Your exported code loads fine, too:

Any chance you have Font Awesome installed as a Font on your Mac?

Have to head to dinner, but will check back in on the afterwards.

Hi, was looking at the elixir potion demo page for the side nav and the page renders with overlapping icons when the menu slides out also it does not show any icons when the page loads. 36 PM

I… don’t think so. Definitely not intentionally. I opened Font Book and don’t see anything, but since I don’t ever install fonts (I know some applications do) directly I’m not sure I’m looking in the correct place.

EDIT: Ok, I didn’t expect this. I took that export folder, uploaded to Dropbox and then downloaded it onto one of the terrible Lenovo PCs we have at the college. Opened up the .html in Chrome and… still overlapping for me.


@Trump2016 Few things – what version of RapidWeaver are you currently using? What version of Stacks? What version of OS X? Do you have the Foundry theme selected in the theme drawer?

@Bioguy I’ll keep looking into it, but I’m taking shots in the dark until I can replicate it here myself or track down a common denominator.

Reaching here, but, what version of Mac OS X are you using?

I do not know if it will be important, but in the examples of Trump2016 and Bioguy the FA icons are aligned to the left of the text “Navigation Label”. While in "Potion-Pack-Samples"are on the right.

I do not know if it will be important, but in the examples of Trump2016 and Bioguy the FA icons are aligned to the left of the text “Navigation Label”. While in "Potion-Pack-Samples"are on the right.

@peppermint: This is because they’re getting wrapped around to the next line. The top icon is wrapped around to the second line, and so on. Just looks as though they’re aligned left. I suspect both gentlemen are using the default settings in that project file.

Hi, I’m just viewing(chrome browser) your example pages from your elixigraphic potion site, … not from a Rapidweaver page

@Trump2016 What version of OS X? What version of Chrome?