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Hi, I am still a novice, so please bear with me. I am using the F3 slider stack to display a short slide show of 6-10 wedding pictures. In the F3 image stack, photos can be prevented from being dragged or right clicked. This function is not offered in slider images’ info pane. In there a way to switch on this function within the slider’s picture library. I have attached a zip file. The page can be accessed under Worship/Special Services/Weddings. Thanks in advance, Mike.

The Slider tool doesn’t have that feature. But being :100: with you here – if someone wants an image from your site they can simply screen grab it. The options you mentioned are ok, but they’re like a lock on a door. For the most part they keep honest people honest. If someone wants an image on your site there’s literally always a way to get it.

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Thank you for your quick response. I do appreciate that screen images can always be grabbed. The pictures in the sliders are low resolution for this reason - no matter how high your screen resolution or how the image is magnified, it won’t get any better. I suppose I will have to reduce the resolution further! As this useful feature is present in your images stack, but not in the slider images feature, maybe this could be a future modification to consider?

I’m wondering what percentage of folks DO know how to do screen captures? I’d guess it’s around 70% or higher. Not true 10 years ago, but screen capturing tools are built into the OS: they are prevalent and used a lot … even by grandmothers and grandfathers.

If you really want to prevent copying, the best technique is to use a service which will secure the page by password, or limited to a specific set of emails. PageSafe is good, Sitelok is great, for these purposes.

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The only way to prevent someone from not copying your images from the internet it to not post them to the internet unfortunately.

If you want to make a feature request for the feature you can feel free to do so using the instructions in this thread:


Thank you for all your answers. I have now reduced the resolution of the 10 pictures of some weddings at my church. So screen grabbing will only result in a rather poor quality, fuzzy picture,I’m just trying t placate peoples’ worries. I have explained, that screen grabs cannot be prevented. But thank you all for your responses.

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Screen grabs aside – Viewing page source and copying the URL is also an option for people that want to take your photos.

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