The Present Can Be 20/20

The Present Can Be 20/20

The Present Can Be 20/20 is a book-like multimedia project I’ve been working on for the last couple years. One year ago I asked how to structure the sidebar page navigation so that it would be clear it moves in a linear order like a book. I was happy with the implementation and the table of contents that it works together with.

This site allowed me to explore about 95% of Foundry 2. I liked how version 2 let me use animated gradient backgrounds. It gave a subtle movement to the page that I like. I’m now starting to make some business sites in Foundry 3 but I was glad to get this personal project done during lock-downs. I don’t know how well it works as a piece of long-form writing but it does what I’ve wanted to accomplish in UI design and feel that it will help lay the groundwork for future projects.


I made a print QR component to this site as well. Wanted to test out what multi-color codes would look like!

The second half of it is becoming so different from the first half that I would like to split it in to two separate sites.