Thunder Pack Update?

Hi Adam -

Just saw (and purchased) the new Carpenter templates - that was quite a surprise! I’m glad it’s off of your plate. You’ve had a slew of updates recently; I’m wondering if a Thunder Pack update is coming soon. There was an issue that was came up for me a couple of months ago regarding the Image Compare stack. Thanks!

Next project I’m going to be working on is Alloy. I’m not seeing a support ticket or bug report in my issue tracker, so I must have forgotten to file it. Can you email me about it again and jog my memory?

I don’t have major update plans for Thunder at this moment. I have a few small things I want to do, but as I said, my next project to work on is Alloy.

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Here it is… Thanks as usual for your prompt reply.

What version of Thunder are you using?

I’m using Thunder 1.06

Noted. Thanks. Will take a look at this in the morning.

Thanks Adam - glad I finally checked in, as I didn’t want to pester you :slight_smile:

Thanks for reminding me. I have a veterinary appointment first thing in the morning, but when I return I’ll work on this fix and try and push it out before the day’s end.

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Sorry it took me a while, but this should be fixed in the v1.0.7 update for Thunder that I just pushed out.

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Thanks so much! I have 3 or 4 different ‘image Compare’ stacks, but this one is my favorite because of all of the design tweaks I can make - we have similar sensibilities.

Hope things worked out at the vet. Thanks again!

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