Transition and Display collapsible section incompatibility

It looks like there is an incompatibility with the page Transition stack and the collapsible section button in the Display stack.

Dunno if this is a fixable ‘bug’ or an unfortunate incompatibility with the two animations. It seems like it is trying to ‘animate out’ when you click the expand button.

FWIW, here’s a bare-bones project I used to isolate the problem stack. (453.0 KB)

This one I think I’ll dub a “bug, not bug”… the reason being is that the Transition stack triggers off of a click to any link on the page, which includes the button for expanding and collapsing the Display stacks collapsable content area. That said I should add that button to the Transition stack’s list of Foundry items to ignore.

I’'l make this fix for the next update.

Also, THANK YOU for the project file. It always helps to have something to test against so I see exactly what you’re dealing with! :clap:



Wondering if you added that to the list?
I’m encountering issues when I add Transition stack to a page, wherein the contents of the page disappear when I click the play button on an Audio 2 stack (Yuzool)
For what it’s worth, it’s not doing this when I use other audio stacks (Archetypon’s Player, WeaverSpace’s html audio)

This being a 3 year old thread I cannot recall off the top of my head. That being said, a button specific to the Display stack would have nothing to do with a link or button in the Audio 2 stack you reference. If the two are conflicting I would suggest removing the Transition stack from the page or choose a different audio stack. I’d suggest the former rather than the latter.

Thanks. Should point out I’m not using the Display stack, just the Transition stack. Would like to avoid deleting ‘Transition’ stack as this adds a cool flavor to the page.

The nature of mixing multiple vendor stacks means that nobody can guarantee 100% compatibility. Nor would it be reasonable to expect stack developers (almost all of whom are one-person operations) to test their products against every stack that is in existence.

Incompatibilities, whilst rare, are a fact of life, sadly. In instances like this, your choice is to remove one or the other, and then move on.


Should point out I’m not using the Display stack, just the Transition stack.

No need to mention it: