Typeface Stack not displaying fonts in preview


this is my first post here, do bear with me.

I’ve been working with Foundry for a while. I’m now in Rapidweaver 8 (latest public version) and all was well until a few days ago. Suddenly the typeface stack intermittently stopped working. Only the fall back fonts are showing in Rapidweaver preview and simulator.

Everything works fine when I publish.

The Typeface stacks are set to “Self Hosted” and I have the relevant font WOFF files stored in the resources.

This appears to be an intermittent issue. If I open and close Rapidweaver enough times, it eventually responds. But I’m stumped trying to get this working every session.

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Mike, I had the similar problem couple of weeks ago. I also had my WOFF files in Resources of the latest public release of RW.

If I’d opened a RW project made with Foundry (and using Typeface) on any page different than HOME page, all fonts were rendered as “default”. But fonts on HOME page were rendered as expected—in my chosen typefaces. Only when I switched to HOME and then back to any other page, fonts on that other page rendered in my chosen faces.

I had a few-days-long session with Isaiah (YourHead). I sent him my sample project, he was not able to reproduce the same effect. We hadn’t reached any useful conclusion. My suspicion is that there is some caching problem, but I don’t know whether it’s RW’s, Stacks’ or Foundry’s fault. I started using warehousing fonts instead of putting them in Resources. From then on, I haven’t experienced any problem with fonts rendering.

I know this is just a workaround and not a real solution, but I’ve always liked warehousing better than using Resources, anyway.

Thanks @ennui-narwhal That’s a fantastic response and I’m so glad I posted the question.

I’ll also try warehousing the fonts and see if that sorts it.

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You’re welcome. I am just feeling a bit uneasy, because of presenting a workaround instead of a solution. Maybe @elixirgraphics could give you more definitive answer…

May I ask what version of RapidWeaver that you both are using specifically? I ask because I just recently had a problem where jQuery would randomly stop loading on Stacks pages when in RapidWeaver version 8.1 beta. I suspect there’s something to do with the beta that is causing some files to not be seen in preview mode in the beta. When I switched back to the stable v8.0.3 everything way fine again.

I never use beta versions of anything (or, at least almost never). :roll_eyes:

My versions:

  • RW 8.0.3
  • Stacks 3.6.4
  • Foundry 1.0.2.

@ennui-narwhal If you have a moment and can put together a simple project file the demonstrates this problem for me with as little going on with the page(s) as possible I’d like to take a look at it.

I can do it tomorrow afternoon, if you don’t mind? That’s the earliest I can do…

That is perfect. Coming to the end of the day here so I wouldn’t get to it until tomorrow at some point anyway. No hurry. Just when you have time.

I’m using Rapidweaver 8.0.3 Stacks 3.6.4 Foundry

I’ll be interested to follow this thread.

This happens to me as well but I am not using typeface for this, just the ordinary manual method albeit a Foundry project. I have the latest of all software (not betas) but I note that is was happening in RW7 as well. Not sure where the issue might lie. Fortunately it has no affect on the published site.

OK, that’s an interesting development. After reading @wirrah 's post, I opened up my project. Clicked on the home page. Made a small change. Saved the project and closed Rapidweaver.

I then reopened Rapidweaver. This time the Home page was already selected. I then previewed the page and “voila” the fonts appeared as they should.

It seems there’s something special about the home page (first/top page in the list). I’m using foundry styles as a partial across all of the other pages. When RapidWeaver gets the opportunity to preview the home page before any others, things work as expected.

Sounds like it might be a RW bug then, but when I get a simple project that recreates the problem for me I’ll be happy to take a look. @ennui-narwhal said he’d send one over today, but if anyone else wants to make a simple project file that replicates the bug I would very much like to look at it.

I had a moment and attempted to recreate this bug, but the project file I built does not seem to exhibit the same symptoms you guys are describing to me. I’ve attempted going to a page other than the Home page quitting RW and then restarting so that I’ll start on Page Two. If I preview the page though I do see the appropriate font applied to the Header on the page.

Here’s the project file if you all want to give it a test: typeface-test.zip • Droplr

Let me know if you see the problem with this project or not. If you want to modify this project file to recreate the problem for me and send it back that would be helpful.

My setup for comparisons:

RW v8.0.3
Stacks v3.6.4

Here is a link to my project file it’s early on in the process, so fairly small.



Thanks. I do see the problem in your project file. I notice the error seems to be related to RW not properly locating the files:

This seems like a RapidWeaver bug unfortunately. If you haven’t filed a bug report with Realmac Software you will probably want to do so. I suspect if you try v8.1 beta this bug will go away, as I think they’re working on path bugs like this right now. If you want to try v8.1 before filing a report you might do that. If not let me know and I can try it when I return from lunch.

I see this bug in RW7 and am not too concerned about it. The published sites are always fine.

Just locate the fonts in a link to a warehoused folder and you will be fine. Infact, after your first publish, you can use the absolute link to the fonts using https://mysite.com/resources instead of linking directly to them via resources.

Edit. The above method doesn’t work as it looks like they have to be in resources.

Do you guys see the problem when using this project file?

I ask because I’m trying to track down the differences between what is happening in the project file @mike provided and the one I posted. Also, @mike – did upgrading to v8.1 of RW fix the problem?

Adam, I just sent you a private message. Please, check it out.

BTW, the link you just posted above is wrong. It just reloads this forum page for me.

It takes you to the post in the thread with the link.

I will in just a bit. Thanks.