Zoom stack feature request - different image


I really love the simplicity of the Zoom stack in the Potion Pack. Just a simple zoom of an image.
What I would really like is to be able to display one image, and when clicked, it zooms a different image. There are two scenario’s I’m thinking about:

  • Show a closeup of part of an image, and when clicked, it would zoom the original image
  • Show an image, and when clicked, it will zoom to an animated gif. The image would then be a screenshot of an iPhone app, which is a plain image. But when the user clicks, it will zoom out and display an animated gif, showing how a single feature would work inside the iPhone app

I think both would be possible if the Zoom stack allowed dropping two images on it: one for the image originally displayed, and one which is used to zoom.

Best regards, Frank.

This unfortunately goes against how Zoom works under the hood. The Zoom stack literally takes the image you give it and shrinks it down for the thumbnail. When clicked it scales, or zooms in, on the image. The stack would not work with separate images for the thumbnail and full-size image. What you’re describing is what some other light box stacks do. Zoom was built to give an alternative to those lightbox stacks. I suspect you can find something on the RapidWeaver Community site that will do what you’re describing.

Hi, thanks for the quick reply.
I understand that Zoom cannot used this way, to bad. :slight_smile:
Because there are a lot of light box stacks around, it’s hard to choose. I’m looking at FancyViewer now from Stacks4Stacks, maybe that’s something I could use. Maybe there are more simple alternatives…

Why not just use the Modal stack?

I’ve tried the Modal stack, that also seems to work. I’m a bit new with RapidWeaver, Stacks and Foundry, so I do have a little bit of difficulty to get the trigger image to show horizontally centered. Should I try it within a container or something?

This is likely just a bug with applying the Button centering to the Image. Send me your project file and later today when I am done with forum migration I will take a look.

That said though, any lightbox stack should work within Foundry if you don’t want to use Zoom.

I’ve sent a small sample project via email.

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Took a look at this. Seems to be a bug with the display property of the link around the image when using an image as the trigger type. I’ll get this fixed in the next Foundry update.

Oke, thanks! I’ll look forward to the update then. :slight_smile: