How are the Foundry Documentation pages designed?

Hi @elixirgraphics, I just updated to Foundry 2 and I love it, but I had a quick question. This may be a dumb one so for give me. I currently use Rails stack the way you used Partitions for your documentation page. I really like the Partitions stack and want to utilize it on my page, how can I accomplish that with your stack? Thanks

I’m not sure I follow you @BMoreGoHard. I’m not sure what “Rails” is unfortunately.

That said – My documentation page is a Partitions stack. The sidebar contains Vertical Nav stacks for the collapsable navigation items, with my Navigation Bar Pro in the Topper section of the Partitions stack.

If you have more details you can give me, or an example page, perhaps I can be more specific for you.

I’m going to spin this off into a thread of its own regarding the design of the Documentation pages.

Thanks for the quick response. Rails is not important, but it’s a stack made by Nick Cates. I think I see how you built it now. They are links that’s redirecting them to full pages. I think I’ll rethink how I would use Partitions now for one of my pages. Thanks

Not a problem. Is Rails similar to the Glide stack in Foundry? If so it will likely not work in conjunction with Partitions, just like Glide will not work with Partitions.

Partitions has a very specific way it works and this rules out using stacks like Glide, Reveal, Scroll To, etc.

Good question. I’ll have to look into that. I never used Glide before. Thanks.

Yes, it do work like Glide. I never knew this all of this time. I’ll take a deep dive into that stack. Thanks again.

Hi @elixirgraphics ,

I build up at this time a new site and use the new Partitions-Stack from Version 2, which is absolutely great :slight_smile: . Now I have one question, when I look to your Documentation side: How did you organize the content in the Main-Content Area, which is show by the single menu points from the Menu in the sidebar 1(I use there the Vertical Nav stack)? Have you done for every menu-point a single stacks page with the identical menu-structure in the sidebar 1 or is there an other way? Thanks in advance for a short answer and one time more congratulations for Foundry V2!

Not sure I’m following your question, as I suspect there might be a language barrier, but I’ll take a stab at it.

Each stack has its own documentation page. On each of those pages I’ve used a partial for the group of Vertical Navigation stacks in the sidebar. The links in the Vertical Navigation stacks all link to the individual pages for each stack.

Hi, I know you’ve worked hard on this update, but I think making a video to show people how they could build something like the documentation page would be helpful. IMHO. I know making videos take time, but you are by far the best on rapid weaver in explaining your stacks and putting them together. I hope you would consider. Thanks

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@BMoreGoHard-- Thanks for the kind words. What part of the page is it that you’re unclear about as far as the design goes?

Hi Adam,

I know, my English is not the best :slight_smile: - my native language is german…

But you understood my question right - your solution is that what I was thinking how you have done it. Thank a lot for your fast reply - again premium service and I think at this moment you will have a lot of questions and mails after going live with Foundry V2 :slight_smile:

I’ll try to work up a video. I’m just limited on time where I can record videos as I share office space.

How about this? Anyone interested in a project file laid out in the same style as the Documentation pages?


@elixirgraphics We don’t need no stinkin video with this perfect example project! Thanks a ton. Really. Truly.


Sure you’re welcome. Sorry for the delay. I sent that post while I was at an appointment. I kind of know how to make it now after us messaging each other yesterday

I was having trouble with having my sticky nav and the Glide stack. It seems like I can’t have a sticky nav in place when using the Glide stack. I’m trying to keep the side nav from the glide stack fixed in place much lower on the page like how you have the documentation page. I don’t know if I’m explaining it right.

Good deal. Nice, I’m just seeing this. Yeah no vid needed.

I’m not using Glide. Glide is one of the Stacks you cannot use with Partitions as I mentioned before.

Check out the project file I linked to above. :+1:

No I’m sorry, I’m trying to use it because I’m trying to rebuild my page like how i did with the Rails stacks. Yeah, I like the project file. Nice! Thanks.

Opening your Documentation-Sample and previewing in RW and in Safari the Nav is sticky and only the Main column scrolls as desired. Previewed in Firefox and Chrome everything on the page scrolls together. This is confirmed in my own files also. Is this expected?

Which navigation are you referring to? The Nav Bar Pro or the Vertical Nav stacks located in the sidebar? Everything in that project works just like the Documentation pages on the Foundry site. Here’s a video showing the Documentation Sample project…

It sounds to me though like what you’re experiencing is because you’ve not updated to Foundry v2.0.1 and then restarted RW.