Paragraphs in Foundry 3

created a paragraph but can’t seem to do anything with the text like underlie a title or make it bold…make make everything bold but not just a line or few words

foundry 3 im talking

Good evening @Godber100

Paragraphs in Foundry 3 can still do what they could in Foundry 3, they simply are now using Markdown as the rendering engine instead of the Styled Text engine. This Markdown-based Paragraph tool provides proper semantic code, unlike using the Styled Text engine of RapidWeaver which was used before.

You can still bold and italicize text right here:

Additionally you can use Markdown for styling text via the keyboard, using Markdown formatting. I discuss this, and much more, on the Paragraph tool’s documentation page.

Even further you can do a lot of stuff with Paragraph’s Markdown formatting that the previous Styled Text based tool could not including adding headers, making a table and more.

And you can even mix-and-match HTML formatting in if you like, too.

this is way more complicated than f2…I can see those buttons but I never used markdown and I can’t seem to underline text
also now I have a redundant potion and thunder pack…
this upgrade if you can call it that is a waste of money in my opinion,far more complicated than F2.
I will be going back to f2 I think…more features in my opinion.

use this code <ins>text</ins>

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I started creating website and I was using f3…had a banner at top of page now I can’t find the banner icon in the F3 list???

wtf there is no banner icon but as you can see there is a banner!!!

In F3 the banner is available in the background stack.

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@Godber100Please see my post over here.

Thanks …im back to the 100 odd f2 things I can do rather than the limited stuff on f3 and also having to write code in f3 which I didn’t do in f2…if I wanted to write code I would use other free programs.
waste of my money

F3 is anything but “limited”. It’s way more performant, which will be better for your SEO. Being more modular, and making use of Blacksmith will really streamline your workflow.

Have you considered using italics or bold instead of underline? Honestly, I can count the number of times I’ve needed to underline in a paragraph on the fingers of no hands. You may be ‘throwing the baby out with the bath water’ here…

Yes, it’s a new way of working, but all you have to do is invest some time to learn it. @elixirgraphics has put together the best documentation in the business, along with a load of excellent videos, and included example projects with F3.

Not everyone likes change, but this is a real step forward, and is definitely worth persevering with - once you learn Markdown, you won’t look back.


We all had enough time to watch the tutorials or read the documentation before hitting the purchase button. I don’t think it’s fair to complain about the different and more modular approach because you purchased probably in a rush and with a bit of excitement without informing yourself a bit more. I personally am still in the progress of watching the videos and reading through the documentation to see if F3 fits my needs.


Let’s be nice @pumpkin. We all get caught up in the shiny new stuff. And we all have preconceived expectations. Like I was telling @Godber100 in email – we as humans are all adverse to change. Me included. I think though that if you set those expectations aside for a while and you look at something with a fresh perspective you might see the good in the change that you were adverse to in the beginning.

Me included, when I was presented with the first beta of F3, I had a wtf moment. There were familiar tools missing and I broke out in a cold sweat. But, I quickly got the hang of it and now I cannot and will not go back to f2.


Didn’t mean to be rude or offensive, was just being honest. I edited my post to reflect that.


That’s my approach. The resources and template provided make it easy to to see how they were put together. I’m quite tempted to just use the templates to get a site up quickly and then spend longer updating a larger site and learning as I go. £55 is an absolute bargain for everything included in F3.


The beta testers all pushed for examples so I made sure there were lots of examples of all of the different things you would normally want. I tried to make the basics like Banners, Navigation, Call to Action sections, Footer, etc so that you could choose to mix-and-match them, learn from them, or both. They can be learning aids or time savers. And the Maker templates are little hidden gems, IMO.

Hope you’re having fun exploring Foundry 3 this weekend.


Your 2nd paragraph suggests that using italics in paragraph should be easy. I’ve been trying for weeks to figure out how to that. As elegant as F3 is, I’m thinking it should be as easy as italics in Header, but that does not seem to be the case. I’m using Header where I should be using paragraph as a result. If I use paragraph, the only way I can put italics or bold in it is to use code, i.e., .

If you have the key to the lock, please open for me.



Just put a single asterisk either side of the text you want in italics.

Double asterisks either side for bold.

A Google search for Markdown syntax will give you all the info you need.


Did you read the Paragraph documentation?

@elixirgraphics spent a lot of time on it, as well as the videos, so that we wouldn’t need to spend weeks trying to figure stuff out.

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Thanks. Easier than I even imagined.

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No problem. Honestly, once you learn Markdown, you’ll never look back!

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